Meiji Food Inc.
◆Established :1969
◆Representative Director: Fumio Tanaami
◆Number of Employees:65
◆Customers: Supermarkets, volume retailers, schools, hospitals, food delivery and catering businesses, senior citizens and nursing homes, restaurants, kindergartens, schools, etc.
◆ Products:Frozen foods, nursing care foods, therapeutic foods, emergency foods, boil-in-bag foods, beverages, confections, dry goods, etc.
◆ Areas served:Tochigi Prefecture, Ibaragi Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture

◆ History
1969:   Established as Meiji Food, Inc. with capital of \3 million1978:   Kawadamachi, Utsunomiya City facility opened1980:   Moved to newly-constructed facility in Midorinomachi, Utsunomiya City1983:   Began handling general commercial foods1986:   Began handling therapeutic foods1993:   Opened branch at Oyama Food Market1994:   Utsunomiya facility moved to new building in the Mizuhono Industrial Complex2006:   New Tochigi head office moved to Ohira in Shimogunsa District2009:   Joined Gakuryukyo (organization supporting the research and development of school lunch products)2011:   Joined Japital Foods (national organization of hospital food wholesalers)2012:   Started therapeutic and nursing foods catalog (Emi-Shoku)2017:   Joined JFU (Federation of All Japan Foods and Tobacco Workers' Unions)

 ◆ Company PhilosophyOver the course of 50 years of working with our customers, we at Meiji Food have learned a lot about food. These are values on which our business is built:・    We will always work hard to provide our customers with the food services they need.・      We will always do our work in a spirit of humility and gratitude.・    We will strive to become better human beings through ongoing self-improvement. At Meiji Food, we provide our customers with safe, high-quality, and delicious food.

 ◆ Meiji Food QualityAll Meiji Food facilities are clean and hygienic. Our most improtant goal is to provide our customers at all times with safe, high-quality food products.The quality of our food products is assured through precise temperature control of our room-temperature, cold storage, and frozen storage facilities. All food transport containers are thoroughly washed in our washing facilities. We have in-house specialists whose job it is to ensure food safety at every step of the food storage and distribution process (including dieticians, chefs, side dish managers, food education experts, disaster prevention experts). 

◆ Meiji Food ServicesWe will always put our customers first.・    We assist our customers with freshness date management for emergency foods---  We contact our customers before the expiration date of emergency foods and recommend replacement foods.・      Inventory control support services---  We support our customers with inventory control so they never find themselves out of stock. At a time when Japanese families have fewer children and the population is growing older, we at Meiji Food believe it is important that everyone -- from small children, to people being treated for medical conditions, to people receiving nursing care -- be able to enjoy safe, wholesome, and delicious food. At Meiji Food, we act on that belief every day and in everything we do.